Physiotherapy Testimonials

I felt very much at ease and confident in the treatment. Paul was great and provided excellent treatment regarding my case. Very happy with the advice on how to manage my condition. Your advice has made a massive difference to my life and I still use the strategies you advised.

Thanks Paul you have inspired me to plan my off season positively. Thank you for your encouragement, you always make me feel I might be doing ok after all.

Paul, thought I would let you know about my situation as you were right about the stress fracture. The MRI showed that the injury was serious that apparently could become a full fracture. Your diagnosis was spot on, thanks.

Thanks for your help over last couple of months, I had a great race at Bassenthwaite Triathlon today.

I can’t believe how much better I feel in myself today!! Thanks, so much Paul. I was beginning to think I needed new pillows because my neck was waking me in the night. I slept with no problems last night. Thank you.

Hi Paul, really pleased to let you know that since my appointment with you my back has been much improved. Kept off that strength training and have been doing the specific exercises/stretches you suggested and it has almost fully resolved. Thank you.

Bike Fit Testimonials

Hi Paul, just letting you know I’ve been out for a couple of rides now and the difference in my back is incredible, I feel in such a better position. Thank you so much for all your help.

Thanks for the bike fit! I am already seeing an improvement in my knees.