Bike Fit

‘A bike fit is the detailed process of evaluating the cyclist’s physical and performance requirements and abilities and systematically adjusting the bike to meet the cyclist’s goals and needs’ (statement from the Medicine in cycling group)

About PS bike fit………

  • Paul is a CycleFit-trained fitter
  • A bike fit is suitable for road, triathlon and time trial bikes
  • Personalised fit accommodates everyone from a recreational rider to elite road racer and triathlete.
  • Paul will combines his physiotherapy, biomechanical and bike fitting experience to achieve optimal bike fit for you. This results in improved comfort, injury prevention, greater efficiency and power output
  • Includes a Physiotherapy assessment to identify imbalances in strength and flexibility which may be causing your pain when cycling.
  • Physiotherapy treatment and exercise advice to improve flexibility, strength and control where required.
  • Foot biomechanical assessment with cleat / shoe adjustment.

The bike fit will last approximately 1 ½ hours. It will consist of:

  • Initial interview to discuss your cycling and injury history, any issues with comfort you may have when cycling, and cycling goals.
  • Bio-mechanical assessment and analysis of your current bike set up.
  • Bike fit adapting your bike to you, taking into consideration your goals and any musculoskeletal issues
  • Explanation of why the changes were made to your bike set up. Advice on areas to work on to improve flexibility, strength and control to help adapt to optimal riding position

The cost for this service is £80.